The Cure image carrousel allows you to upload multiple photo's. Each post will have a random picture.

How it works:

Sign in to your company account.

Move your mouse in the upper right corner over your name and click on edit company.

Part I uploading Images:

Click on images.

Here you can upload your pictures.Just click on uploadand follow the procedure.

Please keep in mind that for a good/swift loading time, you're images should be below 500kb.

Part II Getting your images in a post

When you're done with uploading you're images, follow these steps to get the image carrousel images in your posts.

In the same screen, click on company links (the green button).

The following screen will open:

Here are your company links, including links to your signup pages and the link to the image carroussel. The bottom link is the one we need.

Copy it to proceed to the next step.

After copying the link, click on definitions in the top menu.

Edit the definition you want to use and paste the link for the image carrousel in the location for the image link.

Click on save and you're done.

Please note that you can edit your images all the time, that doesn' t mean you'll have to change the link to the image carrousel.