You can use social templates to create different posts per social networks.

Let's say that I want to create a different posts on Twitter.

Step 1

Sign in to your company account and move your mouse to the upper right corener and click on edit company.


Click on social templates and add new record.

The following screen opens:

For each social template you have to select a definition and a social network.

In my case, i have  selected:

Our Blog as The definition and Twitter as a channel.

You can only create 1 social template per definition, per channel. So it's a standard way of posting from a definition, to a channel.

So the standard posts from my blog to Twitter will be set right here.

As you can see, by selecting a definition, soem other fields opend up to us.

You'll have to fill these fields.

When using the dotted buttons on the right of each field, you can use database fields.

On Twitter a hostname is not required, nor is a image link and description.

When you're satisfied, you can click on update and all your posts to Twitter will look like this.

You can change anytime you want.