Sometimes when renewing your token, it won't work.

One of the main reasons it is now working is change of email address. This solution will also work in almost all other cases.

Your token, our authorization is matched to your email address. When you change your email address, the current token becomes invalid, because it is matched to your old email address.

To fix this sign in to your account, using a different sign in button than the one you need to renew, or use your login and password.

Go to channels in the menu above.

Delete your current channel, by clicking the red cross.

Directly after that, add the same channel again, but now it will be registered with the right email address and token. Click on create new.

Enter the name of your channel and click on the button of the network you're requesting a token from.

Click save.

The only thing you have to do now, is add it to your alert(s).

Click in the top menu on alerts.

Select the alert you want to add this channel to and click edit.

Click in the center on the channel tab:

And add new record:

Select your social channel from the list:

Save your alert and your posts will go out as usual.