After you have completed your sign up, you can move on to your own personal back office.


This is a short explanation on what it does, what you can see and how it works.


Singing in

The First step is always signing in. Once you have connected your social account, you can use the button of the corresponding social network to sign in. You won't need a password.


When opening, the first page you'll see is your dashboard.

Here you can see your statistic about your postings and clicks

Your dashboard reports are set on day, but you can change it to week, month and year by clicking on the button in the top right corner.


Your menu contains the following items:

- Entities

- Channels

- Filters

- Alerts


In entities you can see all your company’s content.



Here you can see your connected social networks.


You can easily add new channels by clicking create new.


Filters are created to create targeted content, so you won't see, or have to share content you don't want to.

If you want to, you can create your own filter, just by clicking create new.


In alerts you can see all your personal commands for The Cure.

An alert is basically a command that tells The Cure, what filter to use, at what time to post and on which social networks it can post.

You can edit your alert at any time, or view your to do list.

Click on the name of your alert (in red) to view your alert details:

At the top of your screen you'll see;

- Your alerts name: In this case content The Cure

- Posting frequency: In this case 11.47 AM on weekdays

- Owner: In this case it's me (in your account it will be you)

- Renew - Renew recycles items after they've been posted (pretty handy for jobs)

- Post type- 2 types of posting, auto, manual and manual with editing

- Send notification - Sends you an email when a post is done, so you know what is posted.

In the middle of your screen you see 4 tabs:

-Filters - Tells you what filters are used

- Channel - Which of your channels are used

- To do- When items will be posted

- Published - At what times items where posted

- Errors - If there were any errors


To do



You can change al settings in an alert as you please.

Just click edit at the bottom and adjust what you need to adjust.