In The Cure you can use several types of emails, below we will make a list of all the different types of emails:

Alert Error

The Alert error mails are sent when a posting failed.

Alert import notification

You can import all settings for users based on a .csv file. Your colleagues will receive an email, notification, when the process is completed.

Job Application Users

When there is an application, The Cure can notify employees that they were responsible for an application.

Expired Token

The Cure receives a token from social networks. This token allows us to post on a user’s social network. On LinkedIn a token expires every 60 days. The Cure will sent an email to renew your token, 7 days before it expires.


You can invite users directly from The Cure. You will have to enter, or upload them first, create filters and alerts, but you can do all the work for them and invite them to use The Cure, they can sign up in under 30 seconds.

Job Application Company admin

When you have integrated The Cure with your ATS, we can notify you, or a hiring manager that a job  posted by an employee lead to an application.

Posting confirmation

Users who don’t want to receive automatic updates, can receive an email update whenever there is content to be shared.

Posting notification

The Cure can also send emails when an (automatic) post was done.