Properties are database fields. These fields allow you to create personalized emails, without writing each email manually.

Below we have listed all properties with a short explanation.

You can find the properties underneath the Add property button in your email edit screen:

You can select a property, by clicking on the field in the dropdown menu.

User fields used for
Firstname - personalizing
LastName -  personalizing
Middelname-  personalizing
Email -  personalizing
Company -  personalizing
Alert Fields:
Alert -  Naming the alert, makes it easy to find the alert
Alertid -  Differences between alerts can be shown with an id
AlertdetailsURL -  Link to the alerts detail
AlertEditUrl -  Link to the Url where you can edit your alert
Channel fields
Channel -  Name of the channel
Channelid -  The Channels id
Channelurl-  Link to channel
Renewchannelurl -  The link you use when making it easy to renew channel
Target -  Hardly used
Network -  Never used
Errormessage -  Error mesage
Postig fields
EntityTitle -  The title of your (to be) posted content
URL -  Link of (to be) posted content
URLHostname -  The host URL shown in your post, not the title link
URLImage -  Image as shown in your post
URLDescription -  Description, you can show a posts  full description in email