When you start writing emails, or when you want to edit your existing emails, this is what you should know.

1. Selecting The right template

Before you start, always select the right template.

When you're logged in, got to the top right corner and move your mouse over your name.

Click on company settings, the following screen appears:

Click add new template for creating a new template, click on edit for an existing template.

The Following screen will open:

Give your template a name and choose if you want to CC or BCC  anyone (yourself) in the email.

Select the right subject for your emails.

Now we will move on to writing an email.

First a short explanation of the buttons you see.

Button 1 - Text Size

Button 2 - Font color

Button 3 - Create hyperlink

Button 4 - Insert an image

Button 5 - Create Bold, Italic, or underlined text

Button 6 - Align text buttons

Button 7 - Add Properties

Button 8 - View HTML

To write a personalized email we will use the properties button:

When writing a personalized email, we use an employee's first name:


Select FirstName from the properties list, like this:

The first name of your users will be added to each mail.

Creating Hyperlinks

Creating a Hyperlink is easy.

First write the text you want to create:

You can see that I have highlighted the text link in my email template (it's blue), by double clicking on it.

To create  a system generated hyperlink, for instance RenewChannelUrl, which allows users to renew their LinkedIn token, with just 1 click, follow these steps:

1. Move your cursor to a free space at the bottom of your email.

2. Select the right property with the Add Property button (RenewChannelUrl)

3. Cut {RenewChannelUrl} from your text

4. Highlight the text you want to turn into a link

5. Click on the link button (number 3)

6. paste your property in the Web Address field, without http or other things, just the property

you just created your first email with a system generated  link in it.

You won't have to create links, The Cure does this for you, all users will receive the right, system generated link.