In a definition, you decide how we import your content, how it is handled and how it is posted.

You can say, that all that we do at The Cure is based on your definitions.

Each content source has it's own definition.

When signed in as company admin.

In the top menu, click on definitions and create new.

This is the screen you will see:

Enter the name of your definition and a (short) description.

The First thing you'll do when creating a definition, is define whcich fields you will use.

When using a feed, it is simple, just open your RSS- or XML Feed and look what fields are used, or better which of those fields you want to use.

Click next to enter your fields. Please remember that the fields we are creating now, will define how your filters later on will work, in other words how you enable employees to select the right content for posting on their social media profiles.

The most commonly used fields are:

  • Title
  • Link
  • Description
  • Category

But you can use and name the fields you want to use


Share you definition by selecting company, so you can share it with your colleagues. Set to none, if your definition is only suited for you.

In The folowing image, you can see how we set up our definition for The Cure.

We have set our definition to shared with company.

Most of our fields are also set to updatable.

 When you've added all your fields, it is time to go to the next step.

Click here to go to posting template