Feeds are the easiest way to import content in The Cure.

The Cure can process 4 types of feeds.:

  1. Atom
  2. RSS 1.0
  3. RSS 2.0
  4. XML

Processing Feeds
In the feeds menu click create new.

The following screen will open:

Give your feed an, easy to remember, name. 
And select the type of feed your processing.
Select the definition you're processing this feed for and select a suitable update frequency. 
When you have a lot of content process it often, when you don't have a lot of content, process less often.

Most of our customers process their feeds once a day.

Mapping fields

To process you're feed correctly, The Cure needs to know what fields from your feed should be mapped to fields in The Cure.
Just click the edit button on the right and paste the corresponding field.

It will look like this:

When you're not sure click the example button, it will show you all entries from the feed with the corresponding fieldnames from the feed.

Click here to go to manually entering content.