An alert is a command for The Cure.

Without a, correctly entered alert, The cure will not know:

  1. What content to post
  2. How to post it
  3. On which social networks to post.

In this article we will show you how you can set up an alert yourself.

Follow these steps and your done in a few minutes.

For this case, we say that you already have an alert that autoposts and you want to create a manual alert from which you can edit the message before you post it.

First sign in, use the social button of the network you're connected with.

Go to alerts and click create new.

The following screen will open:

  • Give your alert an easy to remember name.
  • Select your desired update frequency ( you will be receiving emails, most users set it to daily, or every workday)
  • Renew, handy feature mostly used for vacancies (it will renew vacancies that are still open after a certain period of time)
  • Shared, leave to none, if this alert is only for you, set to shred if you want others in your company to copy your alert
  • Posting type, Here you decide how The Cure will be updating you, Auto, manual, or manual with editing (the last option will allow you to edit, or create the message before you post)
  • Send notification, receive an email after you have posted (mostly used for autoposting)

Selecting update frequency

In this case I will not renew my content, but if you want to select a renew frequency that suits your content.

I will keep this alert to myself, but select company when you want to share with others.

Posting Type

I choose manual with editing, because I want to edit my posts before sharing.


Just tick the box and you will receive a notification, every time a post is done, leave as is when you don't want to receive a notification.

When your alert looks similar to what I have done below, you can click next.

What we have done above, is telling The Cure at what time it should send emails, when there is available content.

Now we're going to tell tell The Cure what content (=filter) it will be using and on what channel(s) (Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn) it will be posting. 
Please keep in mind that these will be your personal channels, because we (=you0 are signed in in our personal accounts.

When clicking next, your screen will look like this:

In the center of the screen you can see two Tabs, one is called Filters the other Channel.

Adding an existing filter
This is by far the most used option, because this option contains aal the filters as created by your company admin. you can also create filters yourself, but for now we're going to work with existing filters.

Click add existing filter, select the filter you want to use and click update.

You will see that your filter is now added to your alert:

We're almost done, now all we have to do is add one or more channels to post to. Although we have selected manual updates (with editing), when you write your message, The Cure will do the posting for you.

Adding Channel

Click the Tab Channel and add new record.
When you are connected with 1 channel, select it and click update.

If you want to add more channels, repeat the last step for all your channels.
After you click update, you will see that your channel is added to the alert.

At this point, The Cure has al the information it needs.

It knows when to send an update; every workday at 9.03
It knows how to send the update: by email with editing option
It knows where to post the update to, after you've edited the message; LinkedIn

Click save and The Cure will do the work for you.