You have an alert that allows you to edit messages before posting.

The message is part of your post.


you will receive an email that tells you there is content to be shared.

To edit your message, click on the corresponding link.

Singing in

This will take you to The Cure, sign in with your favorite network, by clicking the button of that network.

Your screen will look similar like mine:

Here you can edit the message as desired for each social network:

When you're done, click post now, and it will be posted.

Show Todo List

Clicking on the button Show todo list, will show all items that will be send to you.

Deleting items form your list

Whenever there is content, you don't want to post, click the red 'X'   to remove an item.

Direct posting

When you want to post an item from your to do list, press the green play button, it will open in your edit screen.

Edit the message, or post it without editing just as shown above.